Jamaica Combined Cadet Force

Juncti Serviendo Ducemus
To Unite, To Serve, To Lead
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The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force is a youth movement with a difference. The difference being that it is a disciplined organization with a rank structure. Working within this environment the youths are given a feeling of stability and purpose. The training is based upon military skills but the aim is not to produce a highly trained soldier. The aim of all the training is carefully planned so that it appeals in the first place as a challenge; secondly it is designed to develop the powers of leadership and qualities of character valuable alike to the civilian and soldier.

The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force provides one of the most stimulating and challenging experience for both young people and adult instructors alike. It's all about achievement, adventure and not accepting second best!

In a world where mediocrity and lack of competition prevail, the JCCF offers both young people and their leaders the chance to break the mould in a safe and controlled yet action-packed environment.


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  • Returd: Nice look, it's much cleaner than before.
  • Richards: The website should be more lively and interactive, the few pictures shown does not depict all that is offered by the lbeloved force.
  • Lt. O Plummer: The website needs to come alive, it seems a bit simple. Try a number of color combinations, pictures, font, information to links, etc. I would like to see this becoming a intranet portal for the force where our administrative fuctions can be done through the BN links to the HQ and stored on a share drive. The BN link could do without the badge (see my comment on the BN page) and be replaced by just colors, a smaller BN flag, or just a rectangle describing the BN. It's good to have the organizational structure or senior leadership as a link. Social meadia should be grouped at the side to the botton and not be the one of the main links. At the bottom too could be a blog link for knowledge base discussion among members of the force. The force flag could be placed on this page too. I applaud webmaster for his iniitail work.
  • Maj G Buddoo: I strongly believe that the home page needs to be more attractive and dynamic for who it is intended for, ie young adults. Good attempt and I know its a work in progress. Looking forward to the final product. It must also be noted that the NAtional Flag should be on the home page.
  • P. S: i do not like the links at the side they do not make any sense, put them at the top
  • Lt. Taylor: for the calender- i expected an actual calender with events posted on it.
  • Lt. Taylor: Good attempt webmaster whoever you are. Liking the layout. My comments apply to all pages. More information is required on all pages seen. Pictures specific to the respective Bn. can be added. Names of officers can be included along with their appointments. Information for the Medical corpse is lacking...overall a work in progress.
  • [User 59-22]: i love the background it's so pretty
  • [User 59-22]: Dis look good ee man! jeezam peas.
  • Lt. Williams: the Facebook link is too big and the logo in the battalion links are not clear
  • ATO: How about making the fb link a bit more tidy following that of the others
  • ATO: The Webmaster has asked that we comment on each page not only the home page please browse the entire the site and make your comments or suggestion so that all ideas can be considered.
  • Webmaster: We appreciate all feedback. This is intended only for constructive development. We do not wish this to become an argument.
  • SF: So QN why didnt you volunteer to do the site? We had a much worse site for years!
  • QN: I think u should use TNT as an example of how to create a website .... make it more ineteractie and more appealing to the Eyye it is boring and lame
  • ATO JCCF: i believe the force badge is to be present on this page.