The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force is divided into a Headquarters and seven Battalions across the Island; as a result, the Force is represented in the fourteen parishes of Jamaica by any one or more Battalion. Consequently each Battalion had to be identified; therefore a unique colour was attached to each Battalion symbolizing their identity.

The colours of the Battalion Flags within the Force are derived from the colours of the Forces Flag and the National Flag of Jamaica, with the exception of the Support and Services Battalion (SSB) which was later formed in 2002.

In keeping with having a colour identity for each Battalion one had to be found to identify the SSB, and as one would have it the colour, “grey" was chosen with no affiliation to the rationale of the colour scheme chosen to identify the earlier Battalions


The Colours of the National Flag are Black, Green and Gold and they represent as follows:

Gold- the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight

Green- hope and agricultural resources

Black- depicts the strength and creativity of the people


The Colour of the Force's Flag represents the three major areas of training in the Force

Navy Blue-Marine Training

Red - Army (Infantry Training)

Royal Blue, Air (Flight Training)

In respect to the Colour  "grey" the  World English Dictionary states that it represents that of a neutral tone found between the extremes of black and white.

The Support and Services engages in every aspect of Cadet life along the continuum of Training within the JCCF.


Therefore the colour that represents each Battalion are as follow:


1/JCCF Navy Blue

2/JCCF  Red  3/JCCF  Royal Blue 4/JCCF  Gold 5/JCCF  Green   6/JCCF  Black   SSB/JCCF   Grey